Calendar Theme


Liberal in its unconditional acceptance of fellow Jewish people regardless of their backgrounds or affiliations, Chabad Lubavitch, guided by the teachings and inspiration of the Lubavitcher Rebbe of blessed memory, has set the dictum of “Love thy fellow as thyself” as the defining factor in its unique approach of presenting the beauty and depth of Judaism, allowing every individual to appreciate the depth of our heritage at their own comfortable pace.


As the world's largest Jewish educational and outreach organization and a vibrant force in global Jewish life, its activities have touched the lives of millions of Jews. With close to 4,000 educational, social and religious institutions worldwide, there isn't a Jewish community in the world that has not been positively affected by its work.


South Africa in particular received the Rebbe's personal attention during the turmoil of transition. When his message of confidence was conveyed that "it will be good in South Africa until Moshiach" many people found renewed courage and resilience to remain strong in this country that now receives global recognition as one of the most united and developed Jewish communities in the world.


This year South Africa celebrates ten years of democracy and we see that once again the Rebbe’s words are ringing true. We wish to celebrate with South Africa and have chosen “Proudly Jewish South African” as our calendar theme.


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