What happens at Gan Yisrael?

Gan Yisrael is much more than just a break from the school routine or an opportunity for mom to breathe during the holidays.

We run a comprehensive programme aimed at strengthening body and soul.

This December look forward to our best camp yet!

We will provide your child with a rich and stimulating holiday of fun and excitement along with friendship and meaningful educational experiences.

The range of on site activities includes: 
Arts & Crafts
                                   Treasure Hunt
                                   Various sporting activities 

                                   Mind-development games
                                   Team-building exercises
                                   and lots more...

During the course of each day, we offer the children a full lunch and two snacks.

We will also be taking the children on exciting day trips. Details will be provided in advance to the parents.  Each outing will be accompanied by security volunteers.